Scuola Pilates

Pilates E-motion offers you a complete certification path

  1. With the aim of offering and transmitting the principles of discipline in respect of the original work created by Joe and Clara Pilates

    It follows the principles taught by Jay Grimes at VINTAGE PILATES in Los Angeles respecting and believing deeply in the integrity of the Method

    The School is structured to support you and allow you to grow and progress with confidence and enthusiasm in your path

Classical Pilates school

The school is divided into two main sections:

  1. Section 1 deals with Exercises (Mat) and Reformer
  2. Section 2 deals with the exercises on their respective machines

Each section is subdivided into three modules, so you will have:

  • MAT + REFORMER: module1- module2- module3

    (Each module consists of 3 week-end meetings plus the final exam)

  • CADILLAC+BARREL+CHAIR: module1- module2- module3

    (Each module consists of 2 week-end meetings plus the final exam)

The modules have a complexity of exercises that are being analyzed

Not Levels but COMPETENCES

Each module will address:
The personal technique of exercises, the teaching of exercises, theoretical parts about anatomy, didactics, communication, Joe's story

  • Before starting the course, an INITIAL ASSESSMENT is foreseen
    With date to be agreed upon
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